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Window locks on casement windows

In addition to standard types of locks on windows you may like to fit additional security locks
Various window locks are available. Firstly choose ones that are suitable for your type of window

Casement window (a casement window is one where the windows are hinged within a wooden/plastic frame). They generally open outwards

Window swing lock

I find this type are very reliable. They come in two pieces.They are quick and easy to fit. The two pieces locate when the window is shut and can be screwed securely together with a special key.

They will come with fitting instructions. The most important thing is to make sure both pieces are aligned so that they locate with each other properly. The one shown right is for wooden windows, but you can get a very similar one for UPVC casement windows
NB remember to drill a pilot hole for the screws

Chubb swing lock. Several colour available.
Simply screw the smaller part to the fixed window frame and the larger swing part to the opening window.

The larger part swings on a pivot. To lock(after closing the window) swing it over the smaller part then secure it with the special key. (the picture right shows the locked position.)
For a huge selection of locks for doors and windows checkout: