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  Health and Safety    
  Accidents are unfortunately all too common in the home. When doing DIY it is especially important to ensure that you don't harm yourself or others around you. Below are some general guidance points.  

- Clothing. Wear appropriate protection as necessary:

Gloves, to protect against anything that might irritate or harm the skin.
Goggles, to protect your eyes from dust, hazardous materials, stray objects, etc.
Face mask, in dusty environments.
Work boots, to protect the toes from falling heavy items.

Don't wear loose clothing that might snag or get caught by something.
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- Ventilation. Open doors and windows if creating dust or working with paint and chemicals that might produce harmful fumes.

- Tools. Use the correct tools for the job and make sure you know how to use them. Always cut away from yourself with knives, chisels, etc. Keep all tools well out of reach of children.

- Fire extinguisher. Always keep one handy

- Ladders. Can be very dangerous if not used properly. The Health and Safety executive has a very useful guide to using ladders safely. www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg402.pdf

- Don't rush. Plan your jobs carefully, make sure you're not too tired and keep your work area tidy.

- Hazardous materials. In older buildings that you suspect may have Asbestos, or paint containing lead......Seek professional help. Your local council should be able to provide advice.

- Follow all instructions.
Read the labels and instructions then follow them carefully.

- Children and pets. Keep them well out of the way.

- Lifting. Don't attempt to lift heavy objects un-aided. Keep a straight back and bend your knees.

- Regulations. Make sure you are aware of any regulations. E.g. Electricity, Gas, Building regs.Your local council should be able to provide advice.

- Don't take risks. If in doubt seek professional help.

Press release from www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk

"We have become a nation of ‘YouTube DIYers' according to new research from Electrical Safety First, which reveals over 21 million adults would happily use online ‘how to' videos to carry out home improvement even if they don't have the necessary experience . ...." read more

They have created a number of spoof ‘how to' videos to highlight that we shouldn't trust everything we see on the internet.  http://www. electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/ news-and-campaigns/campaigns/ dont-die-for-diy/

DIY Infographic
Source: DIY infographic from Electrical Safety First