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Jobs to do outside this spring and summer  

When spring arrives it's time to think about tackling some of those outside jobs you have been putting off.

There are loads of things in the garden to think about
When we can get back into the garden after winter there is plenty to do. Trim the lawn, loads of weeding of course, and the best part, planning the plants you'd like for the coming season. It's an exciting time.

There are also quite a few areas of the garden we sometimes neglect which are important and need a little bit of care and attention.

After each winter it is important to check the general conditon of those things. Sheds and fencing need to be checked.

All timber constructions will rot over time. You'll need to check the genaral conditon periodically.

You can really prolong the life of sheds and fencing with a little care. Replace rotting timbers and apply preservative to the wood. This can seriously prolong the life and although it is a pain to do it will save you time and money in the long run.

Outside spaces are great and it's worth making the most of what you have. Everyone loves to spend time in the garden whether it's just relaxing with family or entertaining.

Installing or upgrading a patio area is a great idea. Having a space where you can sit and enjoy your garden
is very appealing.

There are plenty of options, depends what you like best really. Wooden decking, concrete composite, stone slabs or tiles can all look great. Laying a patio is definitley something a DIYer can do, however it usually involves quite a bit of work, sometimes quite heavy work, and is not for everyone compared to some other jobs in the garden. That said, depending on your budget, you may want to way up the costs of doing it yourself or getting a professional in.

The cost to lay a patio will naturally depend on what option you go for.