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Best DIY Childrens Bedroom Ideas  

Let’s face it, children can get very bored with the appearance of their bedroom
. Though they may
want pink and fluffy pom poms one week, they may want a space themed bedroom the next. It’s not
practical to continuously redecorate a child's bedroom in line with their changing interests, nor is it
possible to regularly buy new accessories and decor. This is why it is worthwhile to consider DIY
ideas, as they are a lot cheaper but still have a big impact.

7 Popular DIY Ideas for a Child’s Bedrooms
All of the DIY ideas listed below will transform a child’s bedroom, but without costing too much or
taking up too much time. They are all easy to execute, but are sure to give your child something to
get excited about. Regardless of which DIY ideas you choose, these ideas from Go Beds will definitely
be able to bring additional personality and style into any bedroom.

1. Add Blackboard Paint to Walls - Blackboard paint is a great addition to any child’s bedroom,
as it is both fun and practical. As well as giving a child the opportunity to showcase their
artistic talents and creativity, it is great for organisation. For example, you can note down
upcoming chores or list homework tasks that need completing.

2. Use Coloured Tape Instead of Photo Frames - The cost of buying a lot of photo frames
quickly adds up, whereas buying coloured or patterned washi tape is a lot more cost
effective. Using washi tape, you can give photographs a colourful border and add unique
designs to a child’s bedroom wall.

3. Create a Picture Wall - A picture wall allows a child to add their own personal touch to their
bedroom by adding photographs of friends, family and memorable holidays. It’s something a
child can be involved in creating, resulting in them being proud of their hard work. Plus,
creating a picture wall is extremely budget friendly.

4. Add Accessories to Curtains - Rather than settling for plain and generic curtains or paying
out for a new set, inject some excitement into the room by adding accessories. You can
make existing curtains more fun by adding patterned material, pom poms or a border. It’s a
great way to make old curtains look brand new and original, without spending a fortune.

5. Use Hanging Lights to Brighten a Room - Hanging lights, such as fairy lights, are a great way
to add light and brightness into a child’s bedroom. With a variety of colours and shapes
available, hanging lights also add excitement without needing to decorate or spend a lot of
money. Use them to brighten up a dark corner or as a calming border around the bed.

6. Remove Clutter - There’s no denying that children have a lot of things, such as clothes and
toys. Getting rid of clutter and storing these correctly can improve the appearance of any
room. Removing clutter and adding storage creates more space, giving the child more room
to play and enjoy their bedroom. Remember, a tidy room is a welcoming room.

7. Reuse Old Furniture - If you have old furniture, put it to good use and repurpose it for your
child’s bedroom. You could transform a dresser into a desk or table, all you need is a fresh
coat of paint. It’s a great way to add something new to a child’s room, without having to buy
anything new.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to transform a child’s bedroom without spending a lot of
money. All of the DIY hacks listed above are quick, affordable and convenient. You can add colour
and fun to a child’s bedroom in no time at all without breaking the bank.