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Extra shelves in a cupboard/wardrobe

  (using shelf support pins)                      

A quick cheap easy stylish and removable method . Highly recommended.


With wooden sided cupboards or wardrobes a really quick way to put in shelves is by using push in shelf support pins.
You simply drill a 5mm hole and push the pin in. Then measure and cut some wood to size (NB if you don't feel confident about making a good job of sawing your own wood most large DIY stores will cut any wood exactly to size for you. Measure accurately in mm. I like to leave about 1mm. gap either side) Then the shelf simply lays on top of the support...easy!

The trick here is to get the pins very level
otherwise the shelf will wobble a bit. I always use my laser level for this.

  Buy shelf supports online from:
How to put up the shelf
1 Using a laser level mark two holes on each side of the cupboard about 5cm. in from the front and back. Drill the four holes with a 5mm drill.
Push in your choice of shelf support. Then simply place the shelf on top.
  Tip Having got the measurements accurate you need to do the drilling very accurately. Use a brad point drill bit (see drill bits ) The sharp point of this type of bit makes it much easier to locate exactly where you want it. Push the point into the wood before starting the drill and your hole should be spot on. NB Make sure you keep the drill level.  
NB These shelf supports are NOT suitable to go into plasterboard or brick.