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  Different types of curtains              

The same things apply with curtain tracks/poles as with blinds. Get a good firm fix and use make sure they are level. (see drilling and fixing) All the fittings will come supplied.

Remember when measuring curtains for width it is usual to double the width of your window so the curtains hang in nice folds when they are pulled closed. Several types of curtain and track are available.

  Different types of curtain             curtain hooks          
  The most common way to hang a curtains is with curtain hooks.          
On the back of your curtains is stitched a heading tape. This has three rows of pockets to which the curtains hooks slots into. Put the hooks in a different row to raise or lower the curtain slightly.

The gathering cords should be pulled and tied to create pleats.
The above two images are from www.alternative-windows.com Checkout their site for loads of great info. on all types of curtains and making curtains.    

Curtain hook type running on a plastic track. Strong reliable and you can bend the track round bay windows

Curtain hook type with corded track.
Open and close by pulling the cords. More likely to go wrong than any other type. I see more problems with these than any other. (usually caused by curtains too heavy for the track)

NB you can avoid problems by making sure you buy a track suitable for the weight of your curtains. It should tell you on the pack the maximum weight allowable.
Curtain hook type running on a pole with rings

Boston ring/Tab-top. These run on a steel or wooden pole. Quick and easy to put up.

Tip Keep old tracks running smoothly with a squirt of WD 40, or, alternatively rub a little candle wax on them