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  Choosing a Velux window blind        

Velux window blinds are very popular. They are a great option for the DIYer as they are really easy to fit. They come with easy to follow instructions, no cables or wires are necessary to fit these blinds, and with little more than a screw driver anyone can have one installed one in around 30 minutes!

You might think measuring up to get an great fit would be tricky but each Velux has it's type and size marked clearly on it's edge. You simply note that down and quote it when ordering.

There are now a huge variety of different styles and colours to fit almost any room in your home. Itzala specialise in providing Velux blinds at really affordable prices. Below is a selection of what's available.

Blackout blinds are the number one choice. Unlike blackout blinds of the past, Itzala offers a wide variety of fashionable colours designed to match the décor of any room. Made of polyester, which resists dirt, and specially designed aluminium foil, these blinds are designed to keep a room cool from the rays of the sun while protecting the furnishings of the room from the harmful effects of the sun.

Roller blinds are also very popular. Combining both privacy and the flexibility to control the amount of light coming into a particular room at different times of the day.

Not everyone realises you can get a Venetion blind made to fit a Velux window. As with standard Venetian blinds Velux ones are often used to quickly and easily adjust the amount and direction of sunlight that enters a particular room.

A new twist on an old favourite are the lying pleated blinds. These very attractive blinds subtly diffuse the light creating great feel to the room. They open from both the top and the bottom in order to give the one much more control over how much light enters the room and allows a greater degree of versatility as to how the room looks.

Most people will go for a manually operated blind, however Itzala also offer motorised blinds and even solar powered ones.

Motorised blinds are great for Velux's that are very high up or awkward to get to. They are battery powered and come with remote control.

Solar blinds use the power of the sun to work the blind. Due to the nature of the design these blinds are best used for roof windows because they are largely dependent on the sun for operation.