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  Using a voltage/continuity checker ty

This is a very useful tool which is a combined unit.
Use the voltage checker to check for live circuits when fault finding or doing repairs/replacements. Use the continuity checker for fault finding and also for checking fuses and checking light bulbs.

You can buy separate tools for doing this but I prefer a combined unit.

For live testing the probes are specially designed so that all but the very tips are insulated which help reduce the risk of shock or causing a short circuit when testing.

  Testing that a socket outlet is not live prior to working on it.    

Professional quality combined voltage and continuity checker.
Unitest Approx. £35

For a low cost option you could buy a separate single probe mains tester and continuity checker. The mains tester below is a single probe type which makes it easier to use. This one also comes supplied with a safety gate for testing plug sockets without having to unscrew them. The ones shown below are good quality items. Don't buy cheap rubbish as it may let you down.  

Low cost continuity checker.
Use it to test fuses and light bulbs
Draper BBFC1 approx. £7

A good quality mains tester.
This one is by Draper approx. £2