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  Types of screw      

There are lots of different types of screws for doing different jobs. But you'll probably just need to know of a few to get started.


The sizes are always described by:

(inches or millimetres), and thickness (number 4 , 6, 8,10, or 12 etc.)

So, for example, I often use a number 8 x 1.5 inch for allot of jobs around the house

Number 10 x 1.5 inch    
  Number 8 x 1.5 inch
  Number 6 x 1.5 inch
The screw head can be slotted or cross head. You'll need to select the the right type and size of screwdriver for the screw. That's why you'll need a set of at least 5 or 6 screwdrivers. Cross head are easier to screw in without the screwdriver slipping than slotted. But slotted tend to look better for decorative finishes, especially if you have fittings with brass or chromed screws.
slotted head
cross head
A few examples of different types of screw:
  Slotted counter sunk brass wood screw

Cross head general purpose countersunk screw


Cross head general purpose round head screw


Mirror head screw (hides the screw head with a screw on cap)

You may also need to think about whether you need exterior screws which will resist rust and corrosion. Stainless steel are less likely to rust.