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Practical steps to follow when painting your house  

Painting your house is great way to freshen up your place and renew its existence. Should
something go wrong in the process of painting your house, it’s relatively inexpensive to fix.
But this is a project that can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t take the necessary
steps to plan and prepare carefully, which can lead to an expensive visit to the furniture
Here are a few steps to follow when painting your house and make sure the project is a
great success.

1. Planning and preparation
Plan your approach and start thing ahead before painting. The time of year is key is looking
to paint so it’s essential to make sure to choose a dry time of year when there is little rain
and lower humidity. Paint needs time to dry and will not adhere to surfaces that are not dry
and suitable conditions.

2. Choose your colour
Don’t be shy to be adventurous when choosing your colour. You need to determine the what
you think will look best, so pick a few shades and get some samples to try out. Then test
these shades to see if they bring and showcase the character you’re looking for. Handy tip:
Remember to choose quality over quantity.

3. Determine how much paint you’ll need
Take the necessary measurements to determine exactly how much paint you will require.
You don’t want to run out of paint (of course you can always go buy more), but at the same
time you don’t want to buy too much.

4. Cover all areas
Before it’s time to start panting you need to cover all surrounding areas. Remember, painting
is a very messy job, so be sure to cover the ground, tables, chairs and other furniture around
the area you are painting. Cover the pieces with a drop cloth and lightweight plastic
sheeting. If you’re painting outside, make sure to move or cover up any outdoor furniture,
hoses, grills, etc. Protect all the items in close proximity.

5. Make use of self storage
Depending on how many items you have in your home and outside, painting can be a real
hassle. Sure you can cover these items, but maybe storage is the best possible solution?
Using a self storage unit while painting your home removes the risk of damaging your
household contents. Self storage provides a cost-effective solution and is an incredibly
convenient way to safely store your household contents.
You never know how long this project may take, so make sure to find a reputable self
storage facility that offers flexible leases and multiple unit sizes at affordable prices.

Once the project is complete consider keeping your self storage unit as an extension of your
home, and use it to store other items!
Throughout the entire project, you need to make sure the space is well-ventilated and that
you’re always cleaning up the mess. Give yourself enough time before you position all
furniture and items back into place. Maybe rearrange your furniture to give it a new fresh
look with the new paint job.