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Tips for a Limescale free home

If you live in a hard water area limescale buildup will be a problem. This can be an unsightly nuisance but potentially much more serious and could end up costing you dearly.

Click here to see the worst areas

I live in London which is particularly bad. The obvious signs I see are white limescale buildup on taps and inside kettles. Most modern taps have filters in the nozzle which can block and cause a disrupted flow. Blocked shower heads are common and a generally dull look to your taps, sinks and baths is a tell tale sign.

More serious Limescale problems
Some of the more hidden signs of limescale buildup can be more serious. Limescale buildup inside your washing machine or dishwasher can ultimately reduce the life of the machine resulting in expensive repair or replacement cost. It can also reduce the efficiency of your heating system costing you more in energy bills.

Limescale Solutions
So is there anything you can do about the problem?
There are two main ways to deal with limescale.

Water Softeners act chemically, usually using salt, to soften your water. A tank has to be plumbed into your water supply in a suitable location and needs to be topped up with salt on a regular basis. Price wise they start at around £300+

Water conditoners like scalewatcher are a great alternative to softeners as they are generally much cheaper. They are easy to install even by a novice DIYer. They don't require salt. A cable wraps around your water pipe which attaches to an electronic control unit . This changes the physical properties of the limescale forming calcium which flushes through the system.
Click on the clip below to see how it works