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  Lining paper with thermal insulation      

There are a number of wall insulation products and technologies available in the market, however not everyone is prepared to undertake a big job that some of these products would require. Checkout the following 3 easy to use DIY options


Insulating Lining Paper and Graphite Insulating Lining Paper are made of 4 mm polystyrene which has been pre-laminated with 1200 grade lining paper. Both layers are glued together so all you need to do is apply it to the wall (polystyrene backing) and you have ready to paint surface (1200 grade lining paper)

Available from www.coveryourwall.co.uk




Graphite Insulating Lining Paper has the added benefit of containing graphite in the polystyrene. Graphite simply makes it even more difficult for the heat to pass through the polystyrene and reflects more heat back into the room up to 20% more when compared with standard polystyrene.

Available from www.coveryourwall.co.uk


Wallrock Thermal Liner is the most advanced of the three products and offers very good and proven results. Apart from the manufacturer's claims (that it reduces room warm up time by up to 65% and can offer up to 36% energy saving) it's been tested in the UK by BBA a major authority offering approval of construction products.

The thermal liner is 3.2 mm thick. The insulation backing material has been covered with a liner and once applied to the wall it can be painted.

Available from www.coveryourwall.co.uk


As well as excellent thermal insulation all three products offer another great benefit. Due to their thickness they cover damaged surfaces very well.

Available from www.coveryourwall.co.uk