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Surveys - Which type is best for you?

There are several types of house survey available. Which one you should get will depend on the type of property and what you choose to spend.

Generally speaking a very old building will be more risky than a new build and may require a more in depth survey to identify any defects. Whilst some surveys can be costly it will be money well spent and save a lot of future expense and heartache if it does show up some major issues.

Valuation survey
Your mortgage supplier will generally expect to get a valuation survey to ensure that the property is worth what you are paying and that the building appears sound. Costs around £250

Condition report
This is a very basic survey which won't go into detail but give a general idea of the condition. Can be suitable for newer properties Costs around £250

Homebuyers report
This is a more detailed report which is especially good for older properties. It will look at things like dampness and structural issues like subsidence but is still fairly limited in that it is non instrusive so will not involve lifting carpets or floor boards.

It should give advice on ongoing maintenance isses and things which don't comply with building regulations. It is not suitable for properties requiring renovation.

It usually include a valuation and rebuild costs(which you may use to ensure you insure the property for the correct amount). If you go for the Homebuyers report you may be able to save money on the mortgage providers valuation survey if they are happy to accept the valuation as supplied in the Homebuyers report(ask your mortgage supplier) Costs around £400 (depends on the house size/value)

Building survey
This is the most comprehensive survey and will provide a full structural survey. It will looks at and reports in detail on the condition of the property any structural defects. It should discuss remedial maintenance and building work required. This type of survey is most likely to highlight any defects you may not have anticipated

It is the most expensive survey but should provide the most peace on mind. Whilst it would be preferable to have this type of survey on all properties budgets are often tight and dictate a cheaper option. It is hghly recommended for old properties in poor condition. Costs around £1000 (depends on the house size/value)