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What kind of loft conversions are there    

Loft conversions are a great way to create extra space without having to move house. They are usually used to provide extra bedroom space but of course you can use them for whaterver you want.

Houses and top floor flats with a pitched(sloping) roof are ideal for conversion. As a rough rule of thumb if you are standing in the middle of the loft and can't touch the highest point then there should be enough headroom.

A loft conversion is not simply a case of boarding out the exting ceiling joists with floorboarding. Ceiling joists (from the rooms below) are not usually strong enough for a habitable room though this can be OK if the loft space is ONLY used to for storage.
The usual process is to install steel girders across the width of the building and hang new bigger wooden joists to make a floating floor independant of the existing joists.

There are several Loft conversion options to choose from.


Velux only
This is the cheapest and easiest option. You are not changing the shape of the roof, simply fitting some Velux windows to privide light.

This option doesn't need planning pemission.


Dormer loft conversion
This is probably this most common
type.It provides more space and headroom than the velux only type.

You may not need planning permission depending on the size
and positon(do check with your council)

This type provides most space but is expensive. Quite a bit more building work is required and normally you will need planning permission, and possibly permission from your neighbours if you live on a terraced street as the brickwork of the building needs to be heightened on both sides to accomodate the structure.

If you want to include a balcony or terrace with your conversion you will
generally need planning permission