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  Conveyancing - What is it?      

A conveyancer is simply a solicitor who deals with people buying and selling properties

This is a very important part of the buying and selling process to ensure that the transaction and legal ownership documents are all in order.

Both buyer and seller will need therir own conveyancer who will liaise with each other as nesessary.

The buyers conveyancer will carry out searches of certificate of title. (make sure who actually owns the property) They will read throught a copy of the deads to make sure they are all in order.

They will also do local authority searches to make sure there are no outstanding issues (e.g. has all planning and building regulations been complied with and signed off for any alterations to the building)

They will prepare any documents to be signed, calculate things like stamp duty owed.
They will liaise with the sellers conveyancer, the estate agent and the mortgage company and prepare any financial statements.

The sellers conveyancer will give the seller a standard questionaire concerning aspects of the property and finalisation details to fill out which will provide information to the buyer. They will draw up a contract based on this as give it to the buyer.

When everyone is happy the contracts are signed. Completion takes place at an agreed date a short time after that.

How much does it cost?

This can vary so it may be worth shopping around. Some have a flat fee others charge a % of the sale price. Your estate agent may well be able to recommend a local one.

The price will vary on if you are selling, buying, or buying AND selling. It will also vary with your location. If you have no one in mind then do shop around.

Try this conveyancing calculator http://www.conveyancingcalculator.co.uk/