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  Top tips for selling your home      

Selling your home can be a very competitive business but there are a number of things you can do ensure that you are showing yours off in the best light and hopefully get a sale very close to your asking price.

Remember prospective buyers will almost certainly be looking at very similar properties for similar prices.

First impressions count and kerb appeal is very important. If you have a front garden make sure it is tidy and make sure the front of the house look good. Flaky paint on windows or faded chipped front doors will definitely be off putting. It won't cost much to give it a lick of paint.
It is very reassuring to a buyer if they get the impression that the property has been well looked after.

Inside the key thing is to keep the place very clean, tidy and decluttered. Put away all your knick knacks and personal items. De-personalise. A handful of family photos rather than hundreds everywhere!! In the kitchen tidy away most of the appliance from your worktops. And some nice cut flowers in a vases looks very appealing!

A clever trick to give a sense of space is to temporarily remove large items (sofas, big tables) If your house looks bigger than the competition that will give you and edge.
A few large mirrors strategically placed can really help with that.

Decor should be fairly plain and tasteful, it will definitely be worth thinking about painting over walls if they have loud bright colours. Not everyones taste will be the same as yours.
Remember you are trying to appeal to as many propective buyers as possible.

If you've got carpets have them cleaned so they look good and smell nice.

Bad smells can be very off putting. Get rid of any pet smells, and don't fish or cook cabbage etc. just prior to the viewing. Estate agents sometimes suggest baking bread or brewing some coffee!

Generally speaking you are trying to present your home in as best light as you can. You are trying to make the viewer feel that they would definitely like living there.