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  Tips for planning a new Bathroom    

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home but fitting a new one can really transform the space.

Having a new bathroom fitted is not cheap so it's worth making sure you
spend time planning exactly what you want. Space is often limited so it can be tricky squeezing everything in.

The first thing to consider is your personal preferences. Do you prefer to shower or have a bath. If you can only fit in a bath then of course you can fit mixer taps with a shower attachment. You'll need a shower curtain or a glass screen to stop splashing.
If you never take a bath then maybe a large walk in shower is a better option.

Bathrooms are often tiled, either fully or partly. It's not essential but it does offer alot of protection against moiture. If you don't tile then make sure you use a suitable bathrom paint for the walls.
Fitting a good quality extractor fan is also very advisable.

For flooring you can choose, ceramic or stone tiles, lino, lino tiles. If you prefer wood flooring then make sure it has been treated and is moisture resistant for bathrooms. (alot of wood flooring will not be suitable).
Carpet is not really recommended for bathrooms.

If you go for ceramic or stone tiles it may be worth thinking about underfloor heating which can be layed under the tiles and feels great underfoot.
Fitting a heated towel rail instead of a standard radiator for heating also looks great, saves space and provides towel storage.

There are plenty of online "bathroom planning websites" to google where you can try some different styles and layouts. It well worth trying some of these. They are very easy to use and you can quickly get a feel for what you have in mind might look like.