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  Simple advice for Choosing Paint Colours    

So many colurs to choose from
so where do you begin to decide.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing new colours.

The first thing to say is, if you are letting out your property or selling then the rule is always to go for neutral subdued colours. You want to appeal to the widest audience and your taste may not be shared by everyone

If it's your own place then you can really choose whatever you like really. Fashions change and what may be in one year might not be the next. What works for you may not for someone else.

Most paint shops will be have hundreds of colours on paint swatches you can take away and think about, but it's probably best not to simply pick a colour first. What works will depend on what you are planning to have in the room. Colours of furnishings, cushions, paintings, all need to work with the colour you choose. If these are vibrant then bright walls as well may be too much.

Also bear in mind the tiny little colour swatches may look great small but when on large wall areas may be too much. It's a good idea to buy small sample pots. Paint them on in 30cm x 30 cm squares so you have a reasonable size and live with them for a few days. Check ot how the time of day and light conditions affects the colour.

It can be quite effective having an accent wall by only painting one wall a bold colour which matches or compliments, for instance, your curtains.

Think about the mood you want create in a room. generally speaking warmer colours like oranges and yellow are more energetic whilst cooler colours like green and blue are more calming and relaxing.

Finally you might want to think about colour combinations in the same room that are complimentary and also from room to room within your home. Check out the farrow and Ball site for some great advice and tips

Or try te Dulux inspiataion guide