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  Saving money with price comparison websites    

There are plenty of price comparison sites to choose from to compare products or financial services. They are a great way to get a good deal on whatever you are looking for. They are quick and easy to use. Simply by typing a few details and ticking some preferences you can instantly see the best deals from a selection of companies. They are especially good for comparing quotes for insurance, mortgages and other financial services

So how do the comparison sites make their money? Well they get paid comission on every cumstomer they successfully introduce, so in effect they are acting as a sales broker on behalf service providers like banks and building societies.

You should get a good deal using comparison websites, but, you may not be getting the BEST deal. Each site won't compare every product. So it's well worth trying more than one comparison site. They also don't feature some companies like Direct Line who don't feature on ANY comparison sites.

Whilst you might want the cheapest deal do be wary when comparing things like insurance as the cheapest may not be the best. Look at the finer details and make sure you are comparing like with like. For instance, the cheapest insurance policy you find may have a very high excess in the event of a claim.