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How the buying and selling process works      

The buying and selling process usually takes several months. The seller needs to get an energy efficiency report(see my section on energy efficiency report). They will then employ the services of an estate agent (see section on estate agent) who will value the property and sell on their behalf. They buyer having selected the property of their choice will make an offer(see making an offer) for the full or near asking price.

Once the offer has been accepted(usually subject to contract) both parties will employ the services of a solicitor called a conveyancer(see section on conveyancing)who spcecialise in property sales. They will liaise with the estate agent. The sellers conveyancer will draw up contracts.

In the meantime the buyer will organise their mortgage if they already haven't done so, unless they are a cash buyer.They will also arrange to have the property surveyed by a surveyor. to make sure it is sound. The mortgage lender may also have a valuation survey done.

Once everyone is happy the contracts are signed and exchanged. This then becomes a legally binding contract. A short period after that as agreed by both parties is the day of completion where the buyers conveyancers transfers the funds to the seller and the estate agent will then pass over the keys. The buyer is then free to move in.