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  Do I need planning permission for an extension?    

Planning permission is often required if you are hoping to extend your property. It will depend on exactly what you have in mind. Some projects will not require planning at all. The regulations have been relaxed in recent years and so quite a few projects won't need permission.

If permssion is required you would need to make an application to your local council. This will involve providing details of what you have in mind and some scale drawings of the proposed development. You can get an architect to do this for you or the building company you choose for the build.

If you'd like to save money and do it your self you can buy plans online. Try : http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/planning/applications/plans

It is advisable to conact your local council planning officer before making any application to discuss your project in the first instance who will be able to tell you if permission is required and if what you have in mind is likely to be approved. They will take into account the size and postion of your project and also other considerations like is it sypathetic to local architecture and how it might affect your neighbours, especially in respect of overlooking, noise, blocking out light. You may also be in a conservation area which could limit what you can get permission for.

If you'd like to save money and make the
application yourself it is quite straightforward and can be done online

Even if your project does not require planning permission it will require you to comply with Building Regulations

It is very important to ensure you get permission if it is required. Councils have the power to remove extensions which have flouted planning laws. When you come to sell your property the buyers conveyancer will carry out a local search and expect to find all the paperwork in order otherwise it will seriously jeopardise your sale.