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  Do I have to comply with Building regulations    

If you are planning and extension you may or may not need planning permission depending on what you have in mind, BUT, even if you don't need permission you WILL still have to comply with Building Regulations.

Building Regulations, which are availabe from your local council, specify the requirements of how your extension should be constructed. Building regulations aim to ensure that extensions are structrally sound and safe places to inhabit. It covers things like structural requirements, fire regulations, like providing a means of escape in the event of a fire, things like fire doors, smoke alarms. They will also spefify minimum requirements for energy saving like insulation and low energy light fittings.

You will need to contact your local council to inform them of the proposed work. They will come and make an inspection as the work starts and when it is complete. If you fully complied they will sign off the job and details will remain on council records.

It is very important to follow this procedure so you can be sure that what has been built is safe. When you come to sell your property the buyers conveyancer will carry out a local search and expect to find all the paperwork in order otherwise it could seriously jeopardise your sale.