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  Advice for planning a new kitchen    

Planning a new kitchen is quite an undertaking. It's worth giving it some careful thought at the outset so that you end up with a kitchen that works for you.

If you keep the configuration the same as your old kitchen then the electrics and plumbing won't be too much of a problem, however they can be moved if you want to make substantial changes. All the electrics and plumbing will be the first thing to get done prior to kitchen installation

There are several layout styles. Galley (all along one wall), double galley(both sides). L-shaped or U-shaped

Usually you will want to keep the fridge, cooking area and sink handy for each other, often in a triangle layout.

If you have space a centre island is very desirable which can be multi functional. It can form one of points of your "triangle" but also double up as a serving area and breakfast bar.

There are plenty of online "kitchen planning websites" to google where you can try some different styles and layouts. It well worth trying some of these. They are very easy to use and you can quickly get a feel for what you have in mind might look like.

All kitchen suppliers will have planning service so when you have an idea of where you want to buy it from they will be able to plan everything for you and provide a realistic plan to show you exactly how it will look before you proceed. All you need to do is make some careful measurements of your kitchen space. Draw out a rough floor plan of the shape and show positons of doors, windows, etc.

Planning a new kitchen