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Door handle ideas by  

When picking out a property it’s the big things that help us make our choice; location, size, and of course; cost. However, once we’ve moved in it’s the little things that make it feel like our home; the colours and themes we choose for our décor and the small nuances of our own personal style that seep through in the selection of even the most practical of appliances and accessories.

Often, when it comes to the small details, it is soft furnishings that fall into focus; items such as cushions, blinds and rugs. Equally as important are more functional touches such as light switches and door handles. These are essentials in the home that are often neglected in terms of style considerations, but can also be used as great expressions of your personal taste and to suggest a higher quality finish that will make your home that bit easier to sell should you want to relocate in the future. To ensure quality, look at ranges from specialists such as Door Chic, the UK's leading architectural ironmonger.

In addition to the traditional stainless steel or iron handles you may traditionally find fixed to doors within your home, it is also possible to purchase a massive range of decorative door handles. Some glass or plastic handles come with encrusted precious or semi-precious stones for example. You may also wish to order something a little extra special for your home; a set of custom made or hand-casted handles will ensure your home stands out as soon as visitors walk through the front door.