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  Low energy light bulbs DIY - Saving Energy - Low Energy Bulbs  
  Standard light bulbs use up to around 4 times the power(electricity) that low energy bulbs use. So if you change to low energy ones that will give a big saving on the electricity you use on lighting.        

Low energy bulbs are more expensive to buy but last much much longer.
You will definitely make a cost saving over the life time of the bulb as well as using far less energy.(and CO2 emissions)

Standard bulb(watts) Low energy eqvuivalent(watts)    

Low energy bulbs are basically mini fluorescent tubes, so the light you get from them is like a fluorescent tube. Some people don't like the light they make and also complain that they aren't as bright. These factors will vary with the cost and quality you choose. Try a few different types and see what you think.

Another disadvantage is that you can't use most of them with dimmable switches, however the technology is moving fast and some are available.
For indepentant advice checkout: http://www.nef.org.uk/energyadvice/lighting.htm

The price of them is really coming down now. To buy them online checkout: Energysaversdirect

For a huge selection of bulbs checkout:
The cost saving you will make depends on several factors. How much the bulbs cost, how long they last, how much less electricity they use, and how much time you use them per day. Generally you get what you pay for so check the bulb life versus cost.
To compare your own bulbs for cost and energy saving use my bulb comparator click here
It also shows how much CO2 you'll save with energy saving ones
Below are a few examples of common bulbs compared with a low energy equivavlent.

Standard type
GU10 fitting Mains Halogen

Energy saving
GU10 Megaman Mains Compact Fluorescent
NB if you're replacing a standard bulb with a low energy one check that the new bulb will fit into your particular light fitting. Most will but some don't.  
Bulb life
Approx. cost
2500 hours
50 watts
  15000 hours
11 watts

Standard type
GLS Standard bayonet cap bulb
      Energy saving
GLS Compact fluorescent

Bulb life
Approx. cost
1000 hours
100 watts
6000 hours
20 watts
  Standard type
Standard candle bulb bayonet cap
    Energy saving
Megaman ultra compact candle CFL
Bulb life
Approx. cost
  1000 hours
40 watts

15000 hours
9 watts

        Standard type
MR16 12 volt Dichroic
Energy saving
MR16 12 volt Philips Masterline Energy saver
  Bulb life
Approx. cost
3000 hours
50 watts
    5000 hours
30 watts